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February 27th, 2010 at 5:21
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If you wager, chances are you most definitely will fail to win. No doubt about it. You must be are aware of and acknowledge that certainty. How do you deduce that the Vegas betting houses pay for all their fine appointments? Certainly! By taking $$$$$ from the countless of gamblers who head off to sin city every year. You must treat craps simply as an additional type of entertainment. rather than spending two hundred dollars for a great meal and show, you pay two hundred dollars for a few hours of fun and thrills at the craps table. If you get fortunate and walk away with a bit of of your two hundred dollars still in your pocket, then that’s even better.

You must never step up to a craps table expecting to succeed. You can be assured, have discipline, bet intelligently, and aspire to come out on top, but you cannot expect to win. No matter how hard you dream, you have to constantly remember that the casino game was developed for you to be beaten. Do not take the game so critically that it’s no longer fun. If you happen to walk away having won a a couple of bucks, then your trip was that much sweeter.

I don’t believe in all the psychospeak wizardry about how positive thinking can bear upon the outcome of your gambling. None of that hooey is going to make the dice land with any different results than how they are going to land. Certainly, it’s important to maintain discipline, wager smart, and be positive, but you must stay in the real world. Reality is that the game was developed to beat you, no matter how hard you hope or expect to succeed. The reasoning behind for keeping a affirmative attitude isn’t to affect the outcome of your gambling; it is to make sure you enjoy yourself.

Have fortitude, play intelligently, and most significantly have a good time. Otherwise, you’ll wreck your trip by getting mad due to the fact that you couldn’t defeat a casino game that you were not ever presumed to beat.

If you do not wish to lose your money, you have to learn the secret to craps. Don’t give in to bogus winning strategies or ridiculous dice-tossing claims. Be smart. Bet intelligently. Discover the secret to craps.

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